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business phone

Phone Service

Three Options Available: Fiber, Traditional Copper or Digital Voice (VoIP)... Which one is best for you?

For most businesses, telephone service is their lifeline. Reliability, compatibility, ease of use and clarity are critical. We understand, and have developed a professional, well educated and trained business telephone service team who are responsive and capable of meeting and supporting your business needs, no matter how demanding. LocalTel also owns and operates our own phone switch, located right here in the Wenatchee Valley.

That's why over 80% of the Locally Owned Businesses have switched to LocalTel Fiber...

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business internet

Internet Service

100% Fiber... Nothing is faster, more reliable or more affordable...

LocalTel Fiber Internet includes the features you want at the speed you need. Internet is now becoming a lifeline for most businesses.With prices as low as $11.95 and speeds of up-to 100Mbps... (Gig Internet coming soon) Fiber is the only option that makes sense to most businesses.

As the largest Internet Service Provider in the valley, LocalTel has the most stable and reliable Internet connections available. With four distinct and independent Gig pipes to the internet, with state of the art redundant routers, servers and switches, monitored 24/7, with hot back-ups and spares on hand. That is why over 82% of all local businesses choose LocalTel as their internet service provider.

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Business TV

TV Service

Fiber TV was made for HD...

No other TV service has a sharper more reliable picture than LocalTel Fiber TV. Using speed of light technology and a state of the art head-end. TV just got better. Every TV package has HD available FREE even without a Set-top-box. That's why Businesses are switching to LocalTel...

70% of local motels are now using LocalTel Fiber TV...

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ShoreTel Business Phone Systems

Phone Systems

Next generation phone systems make managing phone calls that much easier...

Phone Systems that are managed from your PC are now an affordable reality... Own or lease this new technology and see why this is the "managers choice" of all phone systems available. See a free hands on demonstration of what this could mean to your company.

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IP Business Voice Services

IP Voice Services

LocalTel now offers IP Voice Services that can save your business money, even if you have an investment in a phone system you already own. IP Voice is a powerful, scalable, and highly flexible solution enabling small and medium businesses to streamline costs and resources.

LocalTel IP Voice Service delivers powerful new functionality to your new or existing premise-based phone system. IP Voice can reduce your phone and Internet costs, by consolidating them into one plan with one local company. Lines can be easily added and removed as your business needs change; IP Voice creates flexible and cost effective solution.

Two Types of IP Voice Solutions

SIP - Session Initiation Protocol: SIP Trunk Lines (pathways) represent the number of simultaneous calls to the public telephone network that can be made at the same time. SIP Trunk Lines are the virtual equivalent of individual phone lines provided to you by your phone company. SIP Lines include 300 Roll-over Long Distance Minutes per outgoing pathway. Phone service and features are dependent on your SIP enabled phone system capabilities.

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol: VoIP phone service uses a high speed internet connection for the phone line that easily integrates with the LocalTel Phone Switch. Unlike SIP Trunk Lines, 8 common phone features are available using VoIP at no additional cost. Phone features originate at the LocalTel Phone Switch and are NOT dependent on the capabilities of your phone system.

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What if...

How dependant is your business on technology? What happens if your phone or internet service goes down? What happens if a computer or server crashes? LocalTel's Back-up My Business has solutions that are affordable and reliable. Let us build redundancy in your business. From back-up phone lines and internet connections, to remote data back-up for your computers and servers, we have affordable solutions to relieve your worries...

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Networking doesn't have to be complicated...

Let our well trained network engineers plan and maintain your network. LocalTel has been in the networking business since 1982. There is no one more experienced to build and maintain your network. From wiring, computers, routers, switches and configuration, our networking team will earn your business...

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